Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is an economical and environmentally friendly process of grinding and polishing concrete. This process works both on freshly placed and older concrete floors. By utilizing industrial diamonds, impregnating hardeners, and sanding down the cement, it makes for a strong, shiny and non-slip floor. This makes it an ideal application for commercial & business facilities, industrial plants, warehouses, retail locations, showrooms, schools, museums, and government buildings.

By putting the floors through a specific sequence of steps it creates a floor that is tough, durable, and relatively maintenance-free. Even though it’s mostly found in commercial establishments, polished concrete can also be a great option to finish basement floors, garage floors, or interior slabs on grade.

Polished concrete can also be used to create a decorative finish. Be it embedding color hues or a more complex process like engraving and staining, we can create unique decorative floors which are truly one of a kind.

Some of the major benefits of polished concrete include:

  • Very low maintenance requirements and fees compared to other flooring options such as carpet, wooden floors, and VCT
  • Lower installation and finishing fees compared to similar flooring options such as terrazzo
  • Decorative elements can be easily integrated to create unique floors
  • A glossy finish which creates more reflected light and reduces the number of light fixtures needed in a building or room

We Service the Following Industries


Industrial Plants

Food Service

Manufacturing Plants


Assisted Living Facilities  

Office Buildings  

Corporate Buildings