Epoxy Floor System

Guldin Painting Company is a “Certified Contractor” for General Polymers Flooring Systems.

The General Polymers name is synonymous with high quality professionally installed seamless wall and flooring systems.  The General Polymers product line is sold to and installed by only a selected group of highly trained specialized contractors. 

Whether you need epoxy materials and installation of few industrial square feet or 300,000 square feet, our team offers options without compromising safety at your facility.

Our Team Members understand the importance of evaluating substrate’s suitability for the system to be installed, including moisture vapor evaluation, concrete repair, and appropriate surface preparation.  The value Guldin Painting brings to the job includes assessing, communicating and documenting when the substrate, environmental conditions, or schedule will adversely affect the system being installed. This service will ultimately save the owner time and money by preventing problems rather than fixing failures.  

Floor Systems Professionally Installed by Guldin Painting Co:

Ceramic Carpet / Quartz  •  Decorative Troweled Mortar Systems Epoxy Cove  •  Thermal Shock Resistant  •  Self Leveling Floor Systems

Wall Systems Professionally Installed by Guldin Painting Co:

Saniflex  •  Saniglaze